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Cream fillings – the Crème de la Crème

Cream Fillings for Fine Pastry!

Just imagine a piece of cake. What is actually so special about this piece of cake? First and foremost it is probably the filling, namely the heart of the cake! Dreidoppel offers a great variety of cream fillings to enable you to succeed in making the heart of this cake.

Alongside cooking cream powder and cold creams for e.g. the unparalleled delicate Cream Vanilla crème in the bee sing cake, we also supply excellent basic powders to make Bavarian crème or the finest German buttercream.

High fat creams – absolutely convincing

Let yourself be seduced by the strong flavour of our ready-to-use chocolate creams or immerse yourself into the wonderfully creamy and nutty world of nougat with Nougette – your cakes and pastries will explode with flavours with Dreidoppel high fat creams.

We hope you are enthusiastic about it!