Dessert Powders

For the little indulgence in between

Simple application, small bags - just perfect for everybody. And soooo delicious! The manufacturing is as easy as 1-2-3 and your customers will love this dessert highlights whether in a cup, a glass or as a classical decorated portion on a plate.

The dessert powder Mousse au Chocolat is a classic among desserts. Fantastic, soft chocolate mousse. Easy usage - great chocolate taste! Next to the classic manufacturing in a egg-shaped portion or in a glass/cup, you can produce a gorgeous Mousse au Chocolat Gateau as well. Pure chocolate with every piece.

Mousse Neutral is the basis for your mousse. Neutral, fine pored mousse powder, that ist stirred with milk and dairy cream. Simple to combine with one of our pastes for fine pastry. Like this you are able to create your individual taste. Try the summerly alternative with our Elderberry Paste and prepare a fine Elderberry Mousse. One product - 100 possibilities. Unique and genial simple!

The sweet gold. Just add milk and liquid dairy cream to our new dessert powder Creme Brulee to achieve an excellent, traditional Creme Brulee. Simple manufacturing and lower costs, without the long and complex poaching in the oven. Just boil up the mix one time. With real Vanilla Bourbon.