The new sustainability has a long tradition at Dreidoppel

Since the world has recognised that the earth’s natural resources are restricted, there has been a change in attitude. A change in attitude, which we at Dreidoppel came to at a much earlier stage, and that is why we have been pursuing sustainable concepts for many years.

A production, where we are constantly aware of our ecological responsibilities, and where the willingness to work in a sustainable manner is self-evident even in the administrative department. This includes the Energy Management System ISO 50001 and the climate certificate for recycled consumer packaging.

For us, environmental protection is not just a worthwhile part of our corporate philosophy but has long become an integral part of the Dreidoppel culture.

Only a good balance between the earth and mankind can guarantee the variety of our flavours for the next generation.

It is a commitment, which is of great concern to us at Dreidoppel and which is why we consistently implement and respect the principle of sustainability in all our work.