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Ice-cream flavours – a tasty seduction

Whether powdered, pasty or liquid – our ice-cream flavours are simply unbeatable, whatever the dosage form. Numerous flavours leave scope for new ice-cream ideas and there are no limits to your imagination.

Pronto - products with binding and taste

Convenience at it´s best! Our complete powdered mixes Pronto to manufacture ice cream.

Ice-cream flavours, liquid

Create alcohol-flavoured ice creams with liquid Rum Jamaica made of real Jamaican rum or tempt your customers with Vanilla Bourbon Royal, the natural vanilla flavour.

Ice-cream flavours, powdered

The powdered JoMix develops a fantastic whole milk yogurt character in the finished ice cream and Limone Puro is convincing due to its particularly high share of lemon juice powder.

Ice-cream flavours, pasty

With the fresh peppermint oil from the Crème de Menthe paste we will conjure up a refreshing mint ice-cream. You will also be amazed by Vanilla Moroni with its high proportion of vanilla specks as an excellent alternative to the vanilla pod

Fruit acid

Fruit acid is the ideal partner for fruit ice cream. Each fruit ice-cream flavour becomes even more of a fruity pleasure with a “touch of fruit acid". The fruit ice cream becomes more intense and the fruit flavour is rounded off perfectly.