Fruit fillings

Dreidoppel’s fruity temptation

Whether moist apple cakes, flavoured peach slices or tempting strawberry cake – with Dreidoppel’s fruit fillings, you will never be off the mark as far as flavour or appearance is concerned.

Paradiso Fruit Delight

The name of our fruit fillings Paradiso Fruit Delight knows how to keep its promise: The excellent flavour, the fantastic consistency and the unique fruit experience taste like heaven on earth.


The Fruchtback range is the economic yet delicious variant. Whether apple or cherry - all flavours can be processed ideally in dosing plants.

Power filling

If you would like to make your doughnuts a true culinary experience, just use our power fillings. Whether green, red or yellow, the power fillings offer a genuine colour experience and are not only a feast for your eyes but also for your palate.

In addition, all fillings offer a consistently high quality and thus eliminate the drawbacks of fluctuations in the harvest of fresh fruits.

Give your creations a fruity kick!