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Fiore Cremoso 100
Perfect for velvety-fine ice cream creations!
Pronto White Chocolate
1 Product for binding and taste. Contains 30 % White Chocolate.
Seahorse KIT
The perfect addition to your children's ice cream range with 3 times excitement: Colour, flavour and special effects!

Welcome to the world of Gelatop!

The preparation of good dairy ice cream is an art in itself.

Not only the Italians know this, at Dreidoppel we know this too. In our Gelatop ice-cream studio we permanently research, develop and create new ideas to give your ice cream a unique flavour.

At Gelatop there are plenty of things which account for a good flavour – ice-cream pastes for dairy and fruit ice cream, ice-cream binding agents for the perfect consistency or ice-cream flips and sauces to round off the flavour and appearance of your ice-cream creation.

Whoever likes good ice cream has to love Gelatop. Just like Haribo for example. Together we managed to develop the dairy milk ice cream Marshmallow – a product that wins over both children and adults equally.

It is therefore no wonder that our name has long been an excellent reference for perfect ice-cream preparation. With a range of flavourings which leaves nothing to be desired and years of expertise in what really matters for a good flavour.