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Our tips in the corona crisis

Distance and hygiene are the means of choice on the way to a new normality in our everyday life. We have prepared tips and distance information for your shop and your employees. Simply print them out and hang them up on your premises as a poster. Together we can create this memorable time.

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Ideas and concepts

Discover our latest ideas and recipe brochures. Convenient to download as a PDF.

Sweet oat ideas

Dreidoppel Oat Mix paves the way for oats in the sweet display of the cake counter! Discover our premix with the popular regional superfood.

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Sweet Bowls

Indulgence, also to go!

Looking for a new spirit for your breakfast and cake business? Discover our new concept „Sweet Bowls“ now.

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Fault Line Cake

Cake Art with Dreidoppel Pastes for fine Pastry

Check out different techniques for creating beautiful Fault Line Cakes. Including a recipe for the ideal decorative cream.

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Painted Cakes

Cake Art with Dreidoppel Pastes for fine Pastry

Delicious buttercream and our fine pastry pastes are the perfect couple for creative cake art. With just a bit of skill, you can create real
eye-catchers for your showcase in no time. Discover three different techniques in our brochure!

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Homemade Fondant

Cake Art with Dreidoppel Pastes for fine Pastry

Fondant is ideal for covering cakes, decorating biscuits, or forming decorations such as flowers or figures. With our recipe you can now bring not only colour but also great taste to your fondant.

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Chocolate Confectionery

Cake Art with Dreidoppel Pastes for fine Pastry

Whether individual decorations like modern brushstroke shapes or delicious confectionery in the shape of bars – Dreidoppel’s pastes for fine pastry add colour and taste to your creations! Discover our ideas!

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Inspiring Flower-Cupcakes

Floral beauties for your showcase

For the flower cupcake concept by Dreidoppel only 4 flower tips and 1 leaf tip are needed. Make use of Dreidoppel pastes for the flavouring and colouring of the butter cream - and thus create an unlimited variety.

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Cake Inspiration from around the world

Different countries – different cakes!

Come with us on an inspiring journey of indulgence to the panorama of cakes from our European neighbours, or from the far corners of the world. We have classical cake recipes for you, mornised and with a new twist, so that you can present your customers and guests with fresh ideas in your range of cakes.

We have written these recipes both as classic cakes and as trendy single portions in order to provide you with even more diversity in your product range. Now you can conjure up customised variety in your showcase with just one mixture.

Our extensive range of many flavourings and pastry pastes will put the typical tastes of each country in baked goods in the blink of an eye, and will delight customers with a delicious vacation feeling.

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Beautiful slices

A Delicious Lemony Medley

Custard and cream slices are a part of the familiar assortment in the display of every bakery or pastry shop. We‘ve dusted off the classic tray-bake recipes for you and interpreted them in a new way, so you can bring a breath of fresh air to your product range. The optics are appetising, and the taste is convincing.

Select ingredients, inspiring recipes, and new ideas for garnishing and shaping – they are sure to win over your guests, from the first glance to the last bite. With our new tray-bake ideas we‘ve re-interpreted the classics from A to Z. Tray-Bake 2.0 will bring you higher revenue and better sales. In these recipes, we‘ve concentrated on fruity lemon flavouring in exciting combinations.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink Grapefruit Paste

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