We are committed to one thing only and that is a good culinary experience

A long tradition with all the expertise we have acquired is one side of the coin. Continuously updating existing products, striving to find new culinary experiences, moments of pleasure that have never been experienced before and a completely new world of flavours are the other side of the coin.

Put both of these together and you get Dreidoppel.

For many decades we have been a strong partner for bakers and confectioners, for manufacturers of sweets and ice cream and also for the food industry – both at home and abroad.

Our ongoing aim is to create new flavours and to make the existing basis even better. This of course includes a first-class service - from the first contact to the product presentation and from the development of a product to the global marketing support in your company.

All of these factors together contribute to the uniqueness of our company. This all distinguishes Dreidoppel as a reliable, innovative and unparalleled partner for all those who want to make good things even better. Our contribution to this aim is doing what we do best - a unique world of recipes, flavours and raw materials.