Ideas for good taste

Spicy and exotic: Our new GINGER paste!

Ginger is one of the trend flavours of recent years. What many do not know is that ginger is perfectly suitable with cream, canache or other sweet temptations!
Time to introduce the exotic spice to pastry chefs!

Convince yourself and your customers!

Cakes - Modern Classics

With the recipe concept "Cakes - Modern Classics", Dreidoppel developed diverse recipes that present traditional cakes in modern looks to bakery- and confectionery-customers. Whether Naked Cake, Drip Cake or special decoration - These cakes do not only surprise and attract young target groups.

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Ice Cream Topping Honey

Our newst Gelatop Ice Cream Topping creation contains 10 % real flower honey.
With itss golden yellow colour and ist typical honey taste it is the perfect match to our new yoghurt creations: JoMix (Item No. 542) with new quality and Pronto Yoghurt Greek Type (Item No. 302).

Ice Cream Topping Honey contains 10 % real flower honey, and is a taste experience not only for honey lovers. Try the light floral touch and the pleasant sweetness and find out different possibilities of combinations.

Like liquid gold

We are known and appreciated wherever the best flavour is a result of good ingredients. Since 1899 this is what our name stands for and it has long become an indication of creative delicacies. Cakes, pastries and exquisite patisseries, sweets, milk products or ice cream – if something goods gets even better, then it’s mostly thanks to our products. This is our driving force, everyone at Dreidoppel is dedicated to expand our elaborate world of flavours and to enrich it with new ideas.

Take our word for it – only the flavour makes the difference.