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Fond Royal VEGGIE NEUTRAL – Cream stabilizer without gelatine !

DREIDOPPEL solution meets the growing demand for gelatine-free products with a pure vegetable cream stabilizer.
The Fond Royal VEGGIE NEUTRAL can be processed like a conventional cream stabilizer and is outstandingly suitable in combination with all DREIDOPPEL Pastes. When using a vegetable cream this product can even be used for vegan recipes. Ask your DREIDOPPEL sales representative for the recipe folder.

For vegetarian and vegan lovers!

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Ice Cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavours ever. Within the last few years Dark Chocolate varieties became more and more popular. Why not creating a dark chocolate ice cream and increase your chocolate-sales!

Discover our Pronto Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with its simple and reliable application.


It might look like spaghetti-pasta with bolognese sauce, but in fact it is an ice cream: Spaghetti‘s!

Delicious vanilla ice cream with whipped cream in center, coated by delicious strawberry topping and decorated with white chocolate shavings and wafers. Dreidoppel offers you even more!

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We are known and appreciated wherever the best flavour is a result of good ingredients. Since 1899 this is what our name stands for and it has long become an indication of creative delicacies. Cakes, pastries and exquisite patisseries, sweets, milk products or ice cream – if something goods gets even better, then it’s mostly thanks to our products. This is our driving force, everyone at Dreidoppel is dedicated to expand our elaborate world of flavours and to enrich it with new ideas.

Take our word for it – only the flavour makes the difference.