A wealth of pleasure that sets new standards!

For us, the word "together" ” is a prerequisite for success because partnership is an integral part of Dreidoppel. It is only possible to perfectly realize the various facets of our product portfolio in cooperation with our partners and customers.

Therefore, at Dreidoppel we all pull together as a team. We call ourselves "Dreidoppelers", “, no matter whether we work in inside sales or as sales representatives, in the production or administration, we all work towards the same goal: Creating a new basis for the best products over and over again.

A principle which has not changed even 100 years after Peter Dreidoppel founded the company in 1899. Even then a distinctive flavour was a reliable indication of a job well done, as it still is today.

We are aware of this and this is why we constantly redefine the basis for this, refine the ingredients, improve the flavours and develop ideas.

Or, in other words, at Dreidoppel we are on top of the trends. The trend for tomorrow’s flavours. We are thus only satisfied with the best – whether it is creamy or caramel, classic or modern, moist or firm.

We create top quality for the highest demands. With a range of recipes which sets new standards. And a service which is unique.

All of this together is Dreidoppel. Your partner for a good flavour!