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NEW: Fond Royal CL Banana

Delicious pastry variety based on this classic flavour! The new Fond Royal CL Banana gives the cream an authentic ripe-sweet banana flavour and at the same time optimum stability - in just one step!

Magical ice cream fun - with Magic Lotta

Purple, delicious, simply Lotta! In the new season, the new Magic Lotta ice cream paste provides magical ice cream indulgence with the taste of the rainbow, especially for younger guests!


Trendy grain oats - now also in ice cream!

Now the trendy grain oats is also conquering the ice cream counter: Pronto Oat Cookie Style is an incredibly delicious, versatile ice cream treat that is also vegan!


Tangy, fresh and easy: lemon gelato

The new Lemon Gelatop now provides a particularly intense, fruity flavour with a pleasantly zesty note. Easy to handle, convincing in taste!


DREIDOPPEL at ProSweets Cologne

From 28 to 31 January, we will be presenting our diverse world of sweet flavours at ProSweets in Cologne: from classic chocolate to trendy hibiscus. Visit us at stand E069 in hall 10.1!

NEW: Pastry Paste Kiwi

Vibrant in colour, fruity and tangy in taste - the new Pastry Paste Kiwi. This vegan paste brings the flavour and colour of the popular fruit to fine baked goods, desserts and ice cream.

We celebrate 125 years of Dreidoppel

To mark our 125th anniversary, we are presenting our ideas for good taste with exciting concepts and a wide range of product innovations.


One base - endless possibilities

Wouldn't it be great to produce the full range of dairy ice cream in the counter with just one base? Now you can with the new Base 50 Anniversary!


If you like Piña colada...

Piña colada is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and is now coming to your local ice cream parlour with the new Kit Pina Colada!


More indulgence until the shop closes

Dreidoppel is expanding its successful concept to reduce the number of returns. The six new single portions based on shortcrust pastry under the concept "Longer lasting delicacies" can be prepared efficiently in the bakery and, as practical monoportions, are also ideally suited for the to-go business.


Oh, là, là – Petites Pâtisseries

Colourful, tempting and sweet: these delicate sweet delicacies are real eye-catchers on the counter and, with the right products, are not that difficult to make. With the Dreidoppel Petites Pâtisseries concept, crispy macarons, airy religieuses, juicy tartelettes and fine, vegan slices are now very easy to make.


NEW: Pastry Paste Aronia Cassis

A local classic meets a trendy superfruit: With the new pastry paste Aronia Cassis, Dreidoppel now brings tangy variety with a slightly tart note to cream and cremes - of course in the best Dreidoppel Clean Label quality!


From 22 to 26 October, we will be presenting our innovations for fine bakery at iba in Munich. Discover our world of flavours - at the IREKS stand 230 and 130 in hall B4

NEW: Fond Royal CL Cherry Ayran

Refreshing, light and delicious for 1,001 ideas for indulgence: the taste of mildly sour ayran with its subtle salty note combined with fruity cherry! This new cream stabilizer now adds the magic of the Orient to fine fillings, pies and dessert creations - naturally in the best Dreidoppel Clean Label quality!

NEW: Gelatop Marmoria Red Fruit Jelly Type

Red, fruity, simply delicious: the new Marmoria Red Fruit Jelly Type from Gelatop brings the Nordic classic as a new favourite ingredient to the ice cream counter and is a really good idea in combination with a wide range of ice cream variations.

NEW: Gel Doro

A reliable gelling agent for glazing versatile fruit cakes - with an attractive price-performance ratio. Gel Doro is the ideal basis for creative flavour variations, because the neutral gelling agent can be refined both visually and tastefully with the help of our pastry pastes and flavours.

NEW: Gelatop Pronto Cheesecake Style

Say Cheeeeese... Cake! This new Gelatop Pronto delivers a typical fresh cheesecake flavour that is rounded off with a light hint of lemon and is great for combining. As always, the Pronto is simple and easy to prepare: just mix, ripen, freeze and you're done!

New packaging design

Fresh, modern, unified: with a completely new packaging design, Dreidoppel now ensures improved recognition and clarity with an appealing, contemporary look at the same time.


Gelatop at the MIG

Off to Italy: From 26 - 29 November 2023, we will be presenting our innovations for the coming ice cream season at the MIG in Longarone. Meet us in hall A/2 at stand C/E 35-41/1-6. We look forward to your visit!

NEW: Meringue Mix

Perfect meringue indulgence without cooking sugar! With DREIDOPPEL Meringue Mix, you can create firm, long-lasting, flamed or baked meringue toppings in no time at all – without absorbing any moisture!


NEW: Vegan Whip

Vegan cream indulgence in an instant is now possible with Vegan Whip, the all-natural plant-based whipping cream powder. Simply whipped with water, Vegan Whip has a unique light-melting and fine creamy taste. Mix, whip, process and score with delicious vegan creams for cakes, slices, desserts and more!