Trendy grain oats - now also in ice cream!

Vegan oat indulgence with the new Pronto oat biscuit style from Gelatop

Oats have long since made a comeback in bakeries and cereal bowls - now the trendy grain is also conquering the ice cream counter. Pronto Oat Cookie Style makes an incredibly delicious ice cream treat that is also vegan. The oat flakes it contains provide the typical intense oat biscuit flavour. Whether pure, combined with fruity marmorias or decorated with chocolate: Oat Cookie Style will delight guests in the new season!

Not only health-conscious people and fans of plant-based nutrition know this: Domestic oats are an extremely versatile and delicious product. The nutritious grain is therefore increasingly being served as an oat drink, yoghurt, oat bar or in the form of oat cookies. Now the gelato makers at Gelatop have succeeded in developing a reliable Pronto inspired by these popular cookies.

Fine oat flakes and a fantastic flavour form the basis of the unique Pronto Oat Cookie Style. When Pronto is mixed with hot water and frozen after a short ripening time, the result is a delicious, creamy ice cream with an intense, full cookie flavour. And for all ice cream lovers, because the finished oat cookie ice cream is vegan! It goes perfectly with berry flavoured marmorias, but also with a crunchy stracciatella glaze or chocolate decorations. You can create on-trend oat variety in no time at all!

Gelatop Pronto Oat Cookie Style (art. no. 69100) for vegan ice cream with oat cookie flavour will be available from April 2024 in 6 x 1.75 kg cartons from well-stocked specialist wholesalers.