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From idea to product

As a competent partner, we have for decades stood for the innovative and high-quality development of a wide variety of flavours that are used in the industrial production of food. Taste and smell are important criteria for purchase decisions - with us, products are created that consumers can enjoy with all their senses. And because we offer the complete development cycle from a single source, you receive your customized solution after only a short development time.

Flavour types

To ensure that your product range always meets the current wishes and requirements of traders and consumers, we keep a very close eye on the international markets. This is how we constantly come up with new ideas, which we implement in trendy product solutions and innovations.

Liquid Flavours

Liquid flavours ensure optimal distribution and solubility of the flavour in various applications.

Flavouring Pastes

Our pastry pastes are food preparations which, in addition to flavouring the product, also excel with their intense, authentic colouring.

Powder Flavours

Powdered flavourings are particularly suitable for powdered foods. DREIDOPPEL offers powder blends and spray-dried flavours. The encapsulated flavours are characterized, among other things, by a good storability and longer shelf life.

Customized flavours

Flavour requirements are diverse and complex – and so are our capabilities. That's why we develop the solution that best meets your needs, based on your specific criteria.




We have the right solution for every application!
To this end, we are constantly optimizing and expanding our extensive range of flavour products in response to the latest trends, changing consumer tastes or requirements such as new legislation.

Developing, evaluating, optimising and complementing – that's what we call teamwork. First, our flavourists develop, before our application technology puts the new product to the test. In a tasting by a trained panel, each new development is tested for sensory and technological suitability in the application for flavour release and many other product characteristics.

Key Applications

With our wide range of sweet flavours, we produce the right product solutions for a wide variety of applications. With in-depth market knowledge and the highest technological standards, we produce the exact solutions that meet your highest requirements.

Baked goods

Continuity and flexibility: Flavours play a crucial role in the industrial production of baked goods. Our product solutions ensure the availability of flavour components, compensate for fluctuations in the quality and taste of raw materials and enable production to be independent of the seasons.


Diversity and durability: Creating products in the cereal segment presents unique challenges. Our liquid, pasty or powdered flavours, in countless taste variations, work well with a wide variety of cereals, while offering ease of use and long shelf life.


Stability and versatility: In the production of dairy and dairy alternative-based products, flavourings provide the ideal basis for taste diversity. For example, the right product solution can eliminate temperature changes in the production process or changes caused by acidity.

Sport Nutrition

Functionality and taste: Active athletes demand the highest standards from their functional foods – and so do the manufacturers of these products. High-quality raw materials, short ingredient lists and ease of use make our flavour solutions the ideal flavour enhancers for shakes, bars and more.


Colour and indulgence: the world of confectionery is colourful and full of taste – especially thanks to the variety of flavours. Our product solutions provide the fruity, chocolatey, nutty and many other flavours for your sweet products, as well as appetizing colouring, from pale to strong, if required.


Have you not yet found the application you are looking for in our portfolio? Get in touch with us to find out if we can provide the perfect solution for your application.