Dreidoppel Research and Development


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Where the perfect taste is born

In our research and development, we are always on the lookout for the perfect taste and the trends of tomorrow. Our flavourists are truly masterful in combining individual flavouring substances and extracts. With their analytical skills and years of experience, they recreate the characteristic smell and taste of various foods. This is how individual flavours are created, right up to new product and flavour concepts that we develop together with our customers.

Whether to round off or replace natural resources, we develop product solutions that are convincing in their application. In this way, we help our customers become more independent of limited natural resources and minimize the challenges of purchasing raw materials, for example, with regard to qualitative fluctuations. Our flavours stand for consistent, optimal taste and set the course for more sustainable action and management.

Food Industry

The taste of a food plays the decisive role in the overall perception of your product and consequently in its market success.

Knowledge about the

  • composition
  • technological properties
  • stability and
  • perception

of flavourings in natural products is the basis of all flavour creations at DREIDOPPEL.


Application-proof products are the primary goal of our development work for the food crafts sector.

As specialists for texture and structure and with our decades of expertise, we create innovative, functional systems tailored to your needs.

These are used, for example, in fine baked goods and ice cream as

  • cream stabilizers
  • jelly glaze for cakes or
  • stabilizer emulsifier compounds for ice cream bases or prontos.

The way to a new flavour

The development of a new flavour or flavoured food requires one thing above all: highly qualified members in a multidisciplinary team.

For the success of our projects, we therefore rely on the close cooperation of our experts from the fields of sales, marketing, analytics, flavour development, application technology, law, sensory science and research.

Nature shows the greatest wonders in the smallest things.
Carl von Linné, Natural Scientist

Our strength: Naturality

Unmistakable, but fortunately only almost inimitable, are the countless delicious flavours of this world. With the experience of many decades and the incredible skills of our team of specialists, we succeed time and again in capturing these in our flavours in a particularly precise and natural way.

Dreidoppel Clean Label

Whether in new developments or in the improvement process: short ingredient lists and natural ingredients are the future. Wherever possible, we develop clean-label products to our self-imposed high standard using only natural flavours:

  • without colourings
  • without preservatives
  • without modified starch
  • without other additives (except citric acid).

Halal or kosher – tested and certified

As a globally active company, we are receiving more and more requests for halal and kosher certified products. We are meeting this growing demand. Your contact persons will be happy to assist you in selecting products according to your requirements.

  • Our halal-certified range already includes more than 100 products and is certified by the HFCE (Halal Food Council of Europe).
  • Our kosher-certified range already includes more than 300 products, certified by the Orthodox Union and Maor Hakashrut.