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With over 60 different pastry pastes and numerous flavours from classic to trendy, different baking mixes, cream stabilizers and much more, we support you in the production of individual creations from exquisite cakes to rational slices. The perfectly matched DREIDOPPEL range ensures fine flavour nuances, optimum consistencies, reliable stability and typical colours in the bakery and confectionery.

Dreidoppel - ideas for good taste! Since 1899.


Inimitable taste for doughs and masses – perfectly matched to the demands in the bakery:

  • Ideal distribution of flavours
  • Precise work
  • Consistent baking results

Cream Stabilizers

With cream stabilizers, you can create light and fluffy cream toppings and fillings that remain stable in the display for a long time:

  • Neutral variations for individual creativity
  • 20 perfectly balanced Fond Royal Clean Label variations
  • Vegetarian and vegan special products

Pastry Pastes

Flavour pastes for confectionery & ice cream are particularly suitable for flavouring dairy cream, creams and masses:

  • Wide range of flavours in 50 variations
  • Intensity of colour and flavour can be individually dosed

Gelling & Binding Agents

Gelling agents provide the perfect finish to cakes and fruit creations. Cold-juice binders make it possible to create bake- and freeze-stable fruit fillings:

  • Individual firmness and pleasant mouthfeel
  • Emphasize the fresh taste of the fruit
  • Easy to handle

Fruit Fillings & more

Excellent taste, perfect consistency and a unique fruit experience:

  • Bake-stable fruit fillings and with a high fruit content
  • Fruity jelly fillings
  • Intense flavours for fillings

Cold Creams

With cold creams and co., creamy fillings and masses succeed safely, quickly and easily:

  • Finest German buttercream
  • Creamy fillings with vanilla notes – also as vegan whipped cream powder
  • Instant jelly powder for individual flavouring

Fat Creams & Caramel

Baking-stable, ready-to-use, chocolatey creams or real butter caramel:

  • Convincing as a filling, e.g. in Danish pastries and long-life biscuits
  • In dairy cream and cream slices or cakes


A variety of glazes form the perfect finishing touch for all kinds of cake and pastry creations:

  • Ready-to-use chocolate and fat creams
  • Ready-made jelly glaze and fondant mass
  • Instant solution for trendy mirror glazes

Custard Creams

The taste of freshly cooked cream in biscuits and pastries brings back childhood memories:

  • Products with a traditional and modern taste that are sure to succeed
  • Suitable for processing in the cream cooker

Cream Marmorias

Aromatic taste and intense, natural colour – without any colouring:

  • For flavourful highlights and colourful eye-catchers in the counter
  • Specially developed for use in cream


High-quality decorations make slices, cakes or biscuits an eye-catcher in the counter:

  • For the presentation of special flavours
  • Decorations to match a variety of occasions and seasonal highlights
  • Perfect overall appearance of the range

Baking Mixes & Others

Basic baking ingredients are a real help and support in many areas of everyday work:

  • Basic mixes that are sure to succeed for the most common bases
  • Dry protein powder for the production of meringue masses
  • Basic mix for the efficient production of crispy cake toppings, florentines and co.

Ready-to-fill Pastries

The efficient solution for a colourful range of biscuits and sweet to-go snacks:

  • Pastry moulds for eclairs, cream puffs & co.
  • Ready-baked, to be filled directly

Food colourings

Perfect for colouring fine baked goods, desserts and ice cream:

  • Naturally intense colouring
  • To be declared "with colourant" for bulk goods