DREIDOPPEL Sustainability


[Translate to en:] DREIDOPPEL Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable by tradition

People, the environment and climate protection are the shared responsibility of all generations and have played an important role for us, as part of the IREKS group of companies, for decades. We keep this firmly in mind in the development and production of our products and keep our corporate success in constant harmony with ecological compatibility and social justice.

As a food producing company and food supplier, sustainable action is a living part of the DREIDOPPEL culture. Flavours enable the sustainable use of our planet's limited resources. They also offer people around the world the opportunity to enjoy consistent taste in every season and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our products have a direct impact on people's well-being and health, which is why product quality and product safety are a priority for us. To ensure this, we also focus on the continuous development and improvement of our processes, taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We actively contribute to environmental protection. In addition to our well-developed energy management, we focus on constantly expanding, ambitious goals that we achieve through technological progress and consistent optimization of our actions.


We have been in business since 1899. Our products stand for quality and joy of life, our company for sustainable and responsible action. To this end, we rely on a wide range of commitments – for and with our global partners along the supply chain.


In the familiar and friendly atmosphere of our company, we cultivate our partnerships both internally and externally. Because people are the key to our joint success – they, their health and their development receive our full attention.