DREIDOPPEL Service Knowhow


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Individual expertise for joint success

For more than 120 years, we at DREIDOPPEL have stood for outstanding flavour expertise. Together with our teams, we develop and produce standardized or customized flavours as well as efficient product solutions, which we distribute worldwide to the food crafts and the food industry.

We find and promote the necessary skills in all our employees, whose extraordinary performance is what makes our great success possible in the first place.


Personal, competent, reliable – this is how our large sales force looks after our bakery, confectionery and ice-cream parlour customers in Germany and around the world. Our experts not only assist with purchasing, but also help with all questions about products and ranges, give advice on practical implementation or provide new inspiration with recipes and concepts.

Our top priority is to deliver the best service and the best products to create the ideal conditions for great indulgence.


Customer Service

Whether it is supporting the order and delivery process, providing export shipping expertise, or responding to enquiries and complaints, our Customer Service is committed to serving our global craft and industrial customers. We pride ourselves on being easy to reach and meeting all challenges in a friendly, helpful and flexible manner. We look for the best solution – and work with you to find it as quickly, easily and sustainably as possible.



Trends and consumer desires, market relevance, legal issues, sales topics, promotions – our marketing colleagues are the ones who pull the various strings together when a fixed idea is transformed into a product or concept.

They provide expertise throughout the product development process and prepare the launch with all the necessary product information, recipe inspiration and communication tools.

Application Technology

Our applications team combines expertise from the bakery, confectionery, ice cream and food industries. They carry out extensive tests on our new developments, prepare tasting samples for industrial customers and follow every development process through to the finished product from the user's perspective. This is how we ensure quality and taste in the various applications.

This team is also responsible for our wide range of recipes, which provide you with new and creative inspiration for a diverse range of products. Current trends, classic indulgence ideas or attractive concepts are turned into practical recipe collections with a guarantee of success.

The rule is that a new product or recipe is only approved and introduced when the application technology team is satisfied. So that you can rely on us every day!

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs team is responsible for the complex procedures involved in the approval of new products. In accordance with the applicable and highly complex food law, they accompany all development and production processes related to the DREIDOPPEL product world.

Working closely with the R&D, production, quality control and marketing teams, they draw up legally binding specifications, prepare safety data sheets and manage hazardous substances.

You can be sure that our products always meet all legal requirements for food safety, traceability and quality.