DREIDOPPEL Meringue Mix – Meringue is so easy!

Creative, artistic, delicious: meringue is an exciting ingredient for a wide variety of creations in bakery and confectionery. Whether used as a topping for fruity, juicy cakes, artistically applied to tartlets or as an individual treat, the popular sugar meringue can be processed and combined in many different ways. The baking experts from Langenfeld now present a particularly reliable and practical solution to ensure that meringue will always be easy to make. DREIDOPPEL Meringue Mix is ideal for cut-resistant and permanently stable, flamed and baked meringue toppings. Perfect meringue indulgence, without cooking sugar!

Visually appealing and wonderfully tasty in a variety of flavours and consistencies, meringue brings real variety to the bakery. However, the delicate mass poses many challenges in terms of production, processing and storage. With DREIDOPPEL Schaumtraum, meringue can now be made as if by magic: the new powder is simply whipped with water and then processed as usual. The result is reliably stable, cut-resistant and does not absorb moisture.

Refined with real bourbon vanilla and optimally adapted for artisan use, DREIDOPPEL Schaumtraum is ideal for everyday baking:

  • easy to prepare
  • perfect stability of the meringue over several days
  • no crystallisation, softening or toughening of the meringue during storage
  • freeze and thaw stable
  • no softening in the refrigerator

Meringue Mix Art. 68390 is now available in 10-kg paper bags from specialist wholesalers. Further information on the product and its easy application as well as suitable recipe inspirations are also available from the sales team!