Magical ice cream fun: the new Gelatop Magic Lotta ice cream paste

Purple, delicious, simply Lotta! With the new Magic Lotta ice cream paste, Gelatop is giving young guests in particular a magical ice cream treat for the new season. Depending on how it is made, the finished ice cream in bright purple or appetising light blue is a real eye-catcher in the counter. Always on hand: the cute hippo mascot "Magic Lotta", who invites guests to discover the magical flavour of the rainbow with a cheerful smile.

Just in time for the start of the new ice cream season, Gelatop presents THE guest favourite 2024: Magic Lotta, the enchanting hippo lady, smiles happily and recommends her very special favourite ice cream, Magic Lotta. Because the finished ice cream not only delights with a delicious, child-friendly taste, but also with extraordinary colour effects.

The Magic Lotta ice cream paste holds a magical secret: if the ice cream mix is made with water, it gives the ice cream a bright purple colour - if it is mixed with milk, it turns a bright light blue. And the little ice cream lovers' tongues are also magically transformed by the lick and turn just as blue as that of Lotta the hippo.

For even more exciting variety of flavours, the ice cream can be topped with beautiful decorations or delicious sauces. The decor Stars gold fit perfectly into Lotta's magical world. The ice cream sauce BAM! provides the perfect finish with its sweet and sour taste, bright red colour and plenty of glitter.

The Magic Lotta ice cream paste (item no. 40800)in a 3 kg bucket is dosed at 100 g : 1 kg ice cream mix and will be available from specialist wholesalers from February 2024.