The new Lemon Gelatop

Tangy, fresh and so easy to use!

A must in the summer ice cream parlour: refreshing lemon ice cream! The new Lemon Gelatop now provides a particularly intense, fruity flavour with a pleasantly zesty note. Easy to use, convincing in flavour - summer fun with every scoop!

Sunny prospects for the new ice cream season! Lemon Gelatop provides the ideal refreshment, and not just on hot days. Tangy and fresh with a pleasantly zesty flavour and not too bitter, the finished lemon ice cream is a real summer treat.

It is very easy to make. The powdered lemon juice preparation Lemon Gelatop is added directly to the (fruit) ice cream mix. Ideal for handling: no further lemon juice needs to be added, so there is no need to procure and store an additional raw material. The work involved is significantly simplified. The natural flavour ensures an intensely harmonious flavour profile. The citrus fibres already contained in the powder reduce the shine for a beautiful, matt appearance. This makes creating perfect lemon ice cream easier than ever.

The new, refreshingly fruity Lemon Gelatop (art. no. 54010) in 2 x 2.5 kg bags is now available from specialist retailers.