Indulgence for all: Dreidoppel presents vegetable whipping cream powder Vegan Whip

More sustainable, more ethical, more digestible? More and more consumers are opting for a diet without animal ingredients - if the indulgence factor is right! And of course this also applies to pastries of all kinds. With a purely vegetable whipped cream powder, Dreidoppel now makes vegan cream indulgence possible in no time at all. Vegan Whip is simply whipped with water and convinces with its unique light melting and fine cream taste. Mix, whip, process and from now on score with delicious vegan creams for cakes, slices, desserts and much more!

Fine creams are the key ingredient for sweet creations of all kinds. And quite clearly, also in vegan treats. With plant-based cream substitutes and suitable stabilizers, many recipes can already be implemented. But now it's getting really practical and simply delicious! Dreidoppel presents the new Vegan Whip, the perfect ingredient for fine cream creations of all kinds. The vegetable whipping cream powder is mixed directly with cold water and whipped - no additional stabilization by means of a stabilizer is required.

Neutral in its basic taste, the cream can be combined individually with over 50 vegan pastry pastes. The flavouring can be done in the all-in process and preparation in the cream blower is also possible without any problems. Another plus: depending on the method, Vegan Whip can be prepared for direct consumption or as a freeze- and thaw-stable cream. The acid-stable cream always has a very high whipping volume and scores with a pleasantly light mouthfeel.

Flexible, reliable, full of flavour - this variety of indulgence without products of animal origin is an asset to every counter. "Pure plant-based nutrition remains a top issue. With Vegan Whip, we now offer bakers and confectioners another building block to expand the vegan counter range simply, reliably and, above all, deliciously. And the whipped cream can be used so individually that it fits into every bakery routine, not only for vegan cakes," promises Dirk Wehner, Marketing Manager at Dreidoppel.

Vegan Whip Art. 67980 is available now in 10-kg bags from specialist wholesalers. Further information on the product and its easy application, as well as suitable recipe inspiration, is also available from the Dreidoppel sales team!