Honouring the craftsmanship

Dreidoppel celebrates 125 years of ideas for good taste

In 1899, Peter Dreidoppel founded an essence factory - laying the foundations for a success story that has lasted for decades. Today, Dreidoppel is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality flavours and innovative product solutions for fine baked goods as well as the best ingredients for artisan ice cream production. The flavour experts are now celebrating their 125th anniversary with exciting concepts and product innovations.

Bakers, confectioners and ice cream makers have been relying on the "ideas for good taste" from the traditional company Dreidoppel for 125 years. The cream bases, fillings, coatings, ice cream bases, ice cream toppings and, above all, high-quality flavours and confectionery and ice cream pastes ensure successful craftsmanship in bakeries and ice cream kitchens and great indulgence for guests.

To this day, the ability to translate sweet tastes into complex flavours is the company's greatest expertise. But Dreidoppel is also known throughout the world as a trend-conscious source of ideas, a reliable business partner and a responsible employer.

For our birthday: our "Jubis"

Delicious in flavour, versatile in the counter: Dreidoppel is celebrating its 125th birthday with twelve attractive anniversary cakes. Each recipe focuses on a successful product from Dreidoppel's history. Another special feature: the anniversary cakes baked in 60 x 20 cm trays can either be divided into three square cakes (we call them "Jubis" for short) or transformed into different slices, petits fours or triangles using special cutting techniques. Efficient in realisation and at the same time so much indulgence and flexibility - just typical Dreidoppel.

Selected top sellers, such as the strawberry and eggnog pastry pastes, are also given special anniversary labels.

Gelatop also joins in the celebrations

Germany's market-leading paste for vanilla-flavoured ice cream is called Vanilla 263 - and comes from Gelatop. Under this brand, Dreidoppel offers everything gelato makers need for artisan ice cream production. Gelatop is also celebrating the 125th birthday and is presenting two attractive anniversary products.

With the Pina Colada anniversary kit, Gelatop is bringing a real cocktail classic to the ice cream counters. The typical combination of creamy coconut, real Jamaican rum and fruity pineapple creates a holiday feeling and a party atmosphere.

With the Base 50 Anniversary, Gelatop shows that years of experience make all the difference. The result is a universal dairy base for creamy, full-bodied ice cream with a dry appearance and creamy consistency that can be individually refined with the numerous ice cream pastes and flavours in the range.

"In 2024, we will be celebrating 125 years of Dreidoppel. We are proud that we and our international team have been a reliable partner for industry and trade for so many decades and that we continue to successfully provide new inspiration for flavours, fine pastries and delicious ice cream indulgence. With great concepts and attractive new products, we will also prove in our anniversary year that good flavour comes from Langenfeld," says a delighted Dirk Wehner, Head of Marketing at Dreidoppel.