Oh, là, là – Petites Pâtisseries by Dreidoppel

Colourful, tempting and sweet - for many, French pâtisserie is the epitome of sophisticated craftsmanship. The filigree sweet delicacies are real eye-catchers in the counter and, with the right products, not that complicated to make. With Petites Pâtisseries, Dreidoppel brings crispy macarons, airy religieuses, juicy tartelettes and fine, vegan slices to the range, which make customers' eyes light up and ensure proud moments of success in the bakery.

French pâtisserie is synonymous worldwide with exquisite craftsmanship. But how do these small, tempting delicacies fit into the stressful daily routine in the bakery? The professionals at Dreidoppel have developed a concept with filigree and colourful small pastries that fit the workflows in local bakeries and create a wow effect in the counter. With the Petites Pâtisseries concept, French pâtisserie has thus found its way into the counters. This differentiates the own range from the local competition.

Fine pastries of the extra class

Colourful macarons with fine cream, deliciously filled religieuses with crispy choux pastry or delicate tartelettes with filigree decoration make a real visual impact and are quickly coloured and flavoured with the pastry pastes from Dreidoppel. Of course, the many different cream stands should not be missing in the upscale pâtisserie. The extensive assortment of the flavour specialists from Langenfeld and the well-founded know-how of the professionals in the team bring top-class variety to the range. The concept is rounded off by elegant slices with an impressive look. And they have it all. Because the noble eye-catchers not only look delicious, they are also vegan. They thus meet the ever-increasing demand for vegan offerings in fine baked goods. The concept comprises a total of twelve creations - all with that special something. They whet the appetite and increase the sales impact at the counter.


"Our goal was to bring French pâtisserie into our confectioneries and cafés with the 'Petites Pâtisseries' concept. It was important for us to have a noble look and a special taste, which can also be implemented with our products in the classic bakery routine. The small portions are the ideal time-out from the sometimes stressful everyday life. Whether alone for a snack or mixed together in a social gathering. With these little sweet masterpieces, everyone is happy to help themselves," says Sabine Zohren, Product Manager International at Dreidoppel, summarising the concept.