Get to know DREIDOPPEL

From working hours to goal orientation – with our Insights, our apprentices give a comprehensive view into working at DREIDOPPEL!

Working hoursAt Dreidoppel we work with a very flexible working time system. This makes it easier to organise work and private life, as government offices etc. also have opening hours.
Works councilWir haben einen Betriebsrat, der die Interessen der Arbeitnehmer vertritt.
OpportunityFrom dishwasher to millionaire? Almost! Everyone has the chance to change and make a career at Dreidoppel. Vacancies are advertised internally. Everyone is informed about current vacancies. Even those who start as apprentices can make it big here.
DreidoppelDreidoppel The company was named after Peter Dreidoppel. He founded the business in 1899.
SuccessA company that has been in business since 1899 must be successful. We can only achieve this through good products, strong customer relationships and special people.
FamilyWe are a small company, so we know each other by name. This creates a familiar and friendly atmosphere.
GelatopMaking good ice cream is an art in itself. Of course, this is not only known in Italy, but also at Dreidoppel. In our Gelatop Forum we are constantly researching, developing and creating new ideas to make our customers' ice cream a unique treat.
Pension SchemeDreidoppel introduced a company pension scheme many decades ago. For every employee – from apprentice to department head – we pay a substantial sum into the Hamburger Pensionskasse (HPK), true to the motto "Thinking of tomorrow today". You can find more information at www.hhpk.de.
IREKSIREKS GmbH, based in Kulmbach (Bavaria), has been our parent company since 2004. You can find out more about the IREKS group at www.ireks.com.
End of the yearAfter a successful business year, we end the year together at a Christmas party. While enjoying each other's company, we look back on the year and celebrate the goals and successes we have achieved.
CakeBaking is our passion. That's why cakes, tarts, desserts and the like are triple good with our products!
Joy of LifeWe sell joy! You can feel that not only as a customer, but also as an employee, because we make work fun.
EmployeesMore than 100 employees work in production and administration at our Langenfeld site. Approx. 60 employees support our national and international sales force in the field.
NewsletterTo inform all employees about new colleagues or successful events, our digital internal newspaper "DD-Intern" is published monthly.
OpennessMost people in the Rhineland are known to be open, tolerant and friendly. So if you're new and don't know anyone, you'll be quickly integrated into the Dreidoppel community.
ParkingWe provide several parking facilities for four-wheelers and two-wheelers for al.
QualityOur unique quality management system is constantly reviewed, re-evaluated and optimized in line with market requirements. This enables us to guarantee that our customers get what they need from Dreidoppel – the best quality.
Recipes   The right recipe for every taste: In our recipe database you will find many unusual and classic recipes all about good taste.
SafetySafety is a top priority at Dreidoppel! With safety officers and regular training for all employees, accidents and hazards are largely avoided.
Team spiritTeam spirit is important to us, because only together are we successful!
Environmental protectionWe have known for a long time that plastic waste is polluting the oceans. So rather than all our staff bringing their drinks in plastic bottles every day, they are all given a metal bottle and can tap water from the cooler. With 200 working days and 100 employees, this saves us 20,000 plastic bottles a year. This is just one example of how Dreidoppel is actively helping to protect the environment.
DiversityWe are a multicultural company with many different faces and characters. Everyone is unique and that is a good thing.
Training and developmentDo you want to learn more about your job and attend a seminar? No problem, we support and encourage the development and training of our employees.
Going wrong...does not happen to our apprentices. We prepare them for their exams and their working life.
YuzuWe don't just recreate the taste of a traditional lemon, we follow the latest global trends.
FocusedWe always pursue our goals and find solutions, even in times of global crisis.