Strawberry season

Reliable, brilliant and clear: discover our new neutral gelling agent Gelina 100 for splendid fruit creations.

Sugarfree Ice Cream Toppings

No sugar – full taste! Our sugarfree ice cream toppings in the varieties chocolate, strawberry and caramel win the hearts not only of health conscious ice cream lovers.

New floral and fruity pastes

Discover fresh pink grapefruit flavour or floral notes in rose and lavender for pastries, cream and creams.


Taste the summer

With its fruity, fresh and ripe taste Marmoria Peach is perfect for endless combinations.

Beautiful slices

Custard and cream slices are a part of the familiar assortment in the display of every bakery or pastry shop. We‘ve interpreted them in a new way.

Ideas and concepts

Learn more about our inspiring flower-cupcakes and try out or recipes for floral beauties for your showcase!

Ice Cream Gelatop

With exciting new products and high-selling concepts, Gelatop always offers fresh ideas for more sales in your ice cream parlors.