The new Fond Royal CL Pudding-Cream

This taste favourite brings back childhood memories: with our new Fond Royal CL Pudding-Cream, you can now create cream fillings for real classics and new creations. The sure-to-succeed cream stabilizer in a delicate cream shade convinces with a smooth, vanilla pudding flavour and gives your creations perfect stability - in our best Dreidoppel Clean Label quality.

OUT NOW: Sanett Veggie

Neutral, natural, without animal gelatine: Sanett Veggie is the perfect base for purely vegetarian cream creations. The algae-based cream stabilizer has a short ingredients list and meets our strict Dreidoppel Clean Label requirements. This is how vegetarian cream variety is made efficiently and without artificial additives.

New oat variety

The new Dreidoppel Oat Mix finally brings the trendy grain oats to the sweet counter! With more than 50% whole grain oats in the cereal content and refined with rye malt, the base mix convinces with great baking ability and good stability e.g. for fruit cakes. Our recipes provide for various sweet highlights in your new oat range!

Macaroon Variant

With Macaroon Variant, aromatic diversity is added to your range of long-life baked goods. Efficient processing and a fi ne vanilla flavour guarantee countless uses for coconut macaroons and other fine pastries.

Passionfruit Paste - a tangy, fresh pleasure!

Our new Passionfruit Paste with its deliberately acidic note is the perfect ingredient for exotic creations. Made from 129 g passionfruit per 100 g paste, with natural flavours and without colourings or preservatives – so in the usual Dreidoppel quality.


Gelatop Ice Cream Paste Vanille Bourbon Puro

Pure and clear vanilla ice cream indulgence succeeds with Vanilla Bourbon Puro. Manufactured with high-quality bourbon vanilla extract, our ice cream paste also impresses with its low dosage and very short list of ingredients.

Discover our new Cake Art Video

Get inspired for the wedding season: The most beautiful day in life deserves the most beautiful cake of all time!

Ideas and concepts

Fault Line Cakes are trending! Check out our latest “Cake Art” folder with inspiration, tutorials and a recipe for the ideal decorative cream!

Ice Cream Gelatop

Easy and reliable preparation: just mix, let sit, freeze and done. Expand your ice cream offer with the new Pronto Multi Frutti with the sweet and fruity taste of multi-fruit candies.