Happy anniversary Citroperl!

Our classic turns 60 years old!
For generations, bakers and confectioners have trusted our long-lasting, natural lemon flavour to refine doughs and masses...

New! Lavender Paste

Discover our new paste for fine pastry with typical aromatic lavender flavour and spicy, floral and perfumistic notes


Beautiful slices

Custard and cream slices are a part of the familiar assortment in the display of every bakery or pastry shop. We‘ve dusted off the classic tray-bake recipes for you and interpreted them in a new way.

New pastes for fine pastry!

Discover fresh pink grapefruit flavour or floral notes in rose and lavender for pastries, cream and creams.

Ideas and concepts

Learn more about our inspiring flower-cupcakes and try out or recipes for floral beauties for your showcase!

Ice Cream Gelatop

With exciting new products and high-selling concepts, Gelatop always offers fresh ideas for more sales in your ice cream parlors.